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CLF files are distributed in a secure binary format. The data can be viewed with the free CLF viewer which you can download. This software will open CLF files and display the data both numerically and graphically. A typical screen capture is shown below. The viewer allows directivity data to be shown as colored 3D balloons, colored 3D spheres, as horizontal and vertical polars or as balloon spectra. Other frequency dependent data, such as impedance, Q etc. can be plotted graphically. Many data items may have further explaning info and a dedicated pdf or text info-file may be included.

Note: displays use the native decimal character, in this case comma





CLF2 v2 introduces phase and optional filters for beam-steering and/or cross-overs and multiple files are used to describe an array or a multi-way loudspeaker. Screenshots below are from the v2 viewer (views v1 files as well) also indicating a separate display for phase ballon, sensitivity phase, and filters (only shown to CLF authors).

Part 1 of a 2-part file set, the LF part (sample data)

Part 2 of a 2-part file set, the HF part (sample data)

A Mechanial Reference point, common to all parts of a multi-part file set, serves a a reference for placement and multi-way loudspeakers.